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Downloading RevMan

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To download the full RevMan 4.2 for Windows (file size approximately 8 MB) to your hard drive, select a server from the list below and save the file "revman42.exe" to you harddisk.

Attention Windows XP users: Please note the information under 'Installation and user rights' below!

Choose a download location:
Denmark (version 4.2.8)


When the download is complete, locate and run the file "revman42.exe" to install.

Installation and user rights

RevMan requires that the user running the program has full access to the the data folder (default "...\RevMan 4.2\Data\") and the folder for temporary files. The exact path to both folders can be viewed and modified in RevMan's Settings. It is recommended that you install RevMan with an Administrator account and ensure that the user has access to the folders by either:

  • changing the folders to locations the user has full access to, or
  • giving the user full access to the folders in the default locations.

Upgrading from an earlier version than 4.2

The installation program will search for previous versions of RevMan on your hard disk and - if it finds one - suggest this directory for installation. You can either:

  • Install in the suggested directory. Existing reviews will NOT be overwritten. Afterwards you should delete any old RevMan icons on your desktop
  • Install RevMan 4.2 in a new directory (use the Browse button). You will have to export your reviews from the old version and import them into the new version afterwards

There is more information in the release notes.

Upgrading from RevMan 4.2 - 4.2.7 to 4.2.8

A patch (1.4 MB) for upgrading RevMan 4.2 to 4.2.8 is available here. Open the file from its current location or save the file on your harddisk and run it from there. Make sure to install the patch in the same directory as RevMan 4.2. If the installation program suggests a directory with another version, you need to browse to the right one.

RevMan 4.2.8 on floppy disks

A full set of installation files for floopy disks can be downloaded here:
Disk 1 Disk 2 Disk 3 Disk 4 Disk 5 Disk 6

RevMan 4.1.1

The previous major version of RevMan, RevMan 4.1.1, can be downloaded here.

Running RevMan on a non-Windows operating system

RevMan is only avaliable for Windows operating systems. On other platforms the only option for running RevMan is to use Windows emulation software, e.g. Virtual PC.

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