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IMS and coordination meeting, November 2004

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4-5 November 2004, Freiburg

Minutes: 11 November 2004

Attending: Dave Booker (Web Team, minutes), Peter Friis (IMS), Monica Kjeldstrm (IMS) Georg Koch (Web Team), Greg Saunders (Web Team).

1. Web work plan and budget
Web projects rationale, development schedule, staffing, accountability, and budgets were reviewed in detail.
Action: Some changes in the budget will be written by Dave, and a cover-sheet shared with Monica by 9 November, then jointly passed on to Nick and Gerd for comment/corrections and then submission to Claire for preparation for CCSG Executive meeting later this month.
Action: Dave will give Monica a list of pilot groups for the entity web project, as this may affect the timing of some CRGs in their adoption of the IMS. Dave and Monica will discuss options for Pregnancy and Childbirth Group (already an IMS pilot group), Hepato-Biliary Group (maybe an IMS pilot group), and also Acute Respiratory Infections Group (already an IMS pilot group). Other CRGs will start to move to the new IMS from March/April 2005. Entities other than CRGs will start using phase 1 of the new IMS for maintaining their modules from the end of November 2004.
Action: Dave will discuss the option of hosting documents for the development of the Handbook of Reviews of Test Accuracy in the IMS with its editors in the near future, and if interested, will direct them to Monica.

2. CMR
Details of the Cochrane Methodology Register presentation on were discussed, and a plan of implementation was agreed upon.
Action: The Web Team will implement beginning in January or February.

3. NewsMan, newsfeeds, and the web module
NewsMan, live newsfeed snippets, and a mock-up 'web module', and a mockup module-generated website were all demonstrated. It was agreed that some of the live data may be usefully displayed in the administrative/workflow-tools areas of the IMS, such as administrative calendar channel, or 'internal news', etc., and The IMS Team would try to ensure that such data sharing could be possible, should the IMS team decide to incorporate it (so as not to maintain duplicate data).
Action: Greg and Peter will provide the implementation schedule to Monica and Dave for the web module.

4. Titles, synopses and abstracts
Methods were discussed for the eventual/possible inclusion of titles, review abstracts and synopses, and other IMS content in entity sites and/or After necessary approvals (Monica to obtain this via the PPG), The IMS Team will develop needed web services, and The Web Team will design the needed XSLTs.

5. IT networking
Options for improving networking between IT professionals in the Collaboration were discussed, including establishing an IT projects database, and presenting at the 2005 Colloquium.
Action: Monica will follow up on making a better database of projects and on a parallel presentation for the Colloquium.
Action: Dave will add updated info on the Web Project to's projects pages.
Action: Dave will ask Jacob Riis and Gail Higgins for a copy of the new IT Glossary for the IMS, and will use it to be sure terms are used the same way in the new web module and administrative pages of
Action: The IMS Team will send The Web Team any symbols and images used in the IMS for use in the upcoming web module and in (e.g., 'printable' or 'new', etc.).

6. Mailing lists and MailMan
Methods of integrating the IMS's contact data with the current MailMan system of e-mail discussion lists were discussed.
Action: The IMS Team will send a written list of needs to The Web Team for action.

7. Systems stability and security
Systems stability and security were discussed, and no major changes were identified, beyond planned improvements and some role changes for users of NewsMan. It was agreed that the contact pages on would continue to receive data from the current Cold Fusion - generated source, but may eventually need to be re-written to draw directly from the IMS if Cold Fusion needs to be shut down.
Action: The Web Team will discuss publisher role and possible ' publishers' entity in IMS, give needs to The IMS Team.

8. Communications and training/testing plans and reporting systems
These were discussed, and it was noted that the number of 'layers' of reporting for the various web projects are somewhat cumbersome, and may get even more complex. It was also re-confirmed that the Web Team would be responsible for web module training, but some joint communications, such as the IMS bulletin, might be useful in promoting the web modules.
Action; Dave will provide a web module project update to Sonja for inclusion in the IMS Bulletin.
Action: Monica and Dave will give suggested topics for the upcoming IMSG meeting to Mike (minimum included: web module plan, Collaboration-wide IT strategy planning steps). Action: Dave drafts IT strategy ideas and circulate to IMS and Web Teams (e.g., colloq session)
Action: Dave acquires a conference phone for future IMS Team - web team teleconferences and for web module telephone support.
Action: Greg and Dave will write a small article for The Cochrane News by Monday evening (8 November) on RSS news readers.

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