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Known Bugs in RevMan

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Known issues in RevMan version 4.2.8

Bugs fixed in RevMan 4.2.8
Bugs fixed in RevMan 4.2.7
Bugs fixed in RevMan 4.2.6
Bugs fixed in RevMan 4.2.5
Bugs fixed in RevMan 4.2.4
Bugs fixed in RevMan 4.2.3
Bugs fixed in RevMan 4.2.2
Bugs fixed in RevMan 4.2.1
Bugs fixed in RevMan 4.1.1
Bugs fixed in RevMan 4.1
Bugs fixed in RevMan 4.0.4
Bugs fixed in RevMan 4.0.3
Bugs fixed in RevMan 4.0.2
Bugs fixed in RevMan 4.0.1

Problems are first listed in the version where they were discovered. A bug in a later version may also be present earlier ones.
Not all problems are classified as bugs. If a problem is not listed here you may be able to find the answer in the frequently asked questions list instead. If not, you can use the problems reporting form to report it to RevMan Support.


  • Printing from RevMan to Acrobat Distiller or PDFWriter may result in error messages unless the PDF files are saved in RevMan's installation directory. In general it is not recommended to use Acrobat for generating PDF files from RevMan because it results in several small files that need to be combined. An alternative product that works well is pdfFactory from
  • On Hebrew enabled Windows 98 the Insert symbol box is partially blank and displays some Hebrew characters that are not supported in Cochrane reviews. This problem is currently being investigated and we would like to hear from any users who are affected.
  • During installation on Windows NT 4 the following message is displayed "The Ordinal 6880 could not be located in the Dynamic Link Library MFC42.DLL". This error is caused by an old version of MFC42.DLL being installed on the computer already, and it can safely be ignored.
  • Windows Explorer shuts down when RevMan is started, message reads "Explorer has performed and illegal operation and will be shut down...". Solution: if you are using a Microsoft Intellimouse, download the latest versions of the Microsoft Mouse drivers here.

BUGS FIXED IN REVMAN 4.2.8 (released 8 July 2005)

  • Additional figures inserted as PNG files may become corrupted so they cannot be published. To verify that additional figures are ok, export review as HTML and open the file in Internet Explorer.
  • RevMan fails to rename studies when the Text of review window is open. Workaround: Close the window first and press F5 to update the tree view. Then try again.
  • RevMan Analyses 1.0.2 always reports zero studies and participants for non-estimable outcomes or subgroups.
  • Funnel plots based on outcomes using the generic inverse variance method may not include all points (in RevMan Analyses 1.0.2).

BUGS FIXED IN REVMAN 4.2.7 (released 28 May 2004)

  • Cutting/pasting in comments and criticisms doesn't work.

BUGS FIXED IN REVMAN 4.2.6 (released 6 May 2004)

  • It's not possible to type just in front of a link.
  • It's not possible to turn on formatting, e.g. bold, and then type in bold. You have to mark the text and then turn on bold.
  • Deleting highlighted text by typing over it doesn't work.

BUGS FIXED IN REVMAN 4.2.5 (released 28 April 2004)

  • Line breaks are replaced with small squares when text is pasted into Text of review.

BUGS FIXED IN REVMAN 4.2.4 (released 20 April 2004)

  • When you type in overwrite mode, it is possible to overwrite the first character of a link or a heading even though they are supposed to be protected. Workaround: always type in insert mode. If a link is damaged, delete it.

BUGS FIXED IN REVMAN 4.2.3 (released 19 November 2003)

  • An error message "This table number has already been used" is displayed when you try to renumber a table, but the number has not been used before. Workaround: press F5 to rebuild the tree view.
  • If you edit the contact id for a person and return to the Reviewers screen, the contact reviewer has changed to that person. Workaround: As long as you don't press Save on the Reviewers screen it doesn't actually change the contact reviewer.
  • Studies without references are not printed under References to studies.
  • When you copy a deselected study in the data tables, the copy appears selected, but it's not. Workaround: Press F5 to rebuild the tree view.
  • When an outcome is saved while the associated tree view item is invisible (collapsed), an error message is displayed. This happens for other items as well. The error message can be ignored. Workaround: keep tree view items that you edit visible.
  • When you print an Other data table with two consecutive subgroups that both contain the same study only, the study ID is not printed for the second subgroup.
  • RevMan Analyses 1.0.1: If the summary window or a graph window is maximised, and then the main window is minimised, and then the application is closed from the task bar, an error message is displayed. Workaround: Press Retry two times and click on the task bar to open the program.
  • If studies that are used in a generic inverse variance analysis are renamed, the data entries in the tree view under the comparison and data table fail to be renamed as well. Workaround: press F5 to rebuild the tree view.
  • RevMan Analyses 1.0.1: If there are no comparisons or outcomes, the summary screen will print as a blank page. This can cause software like pdfFactory to malfunction. Workaround: If you want to create a PDF of a review without any graphs, remove the check mark from the Analyses graphs print section.
  • RevMan Analyses 1.0.1: If the summary screen is resized to be very small, an error message is displayed. Workaround: Use the minimise button to minimise the window instead.

BUGS FIXED IN REVMAN 4.2.2 (released 2 June 2003)

  • When printing the main text of review, the gap at the bottom of the page grows larger for each page. The print preview is correct.
  • When copying study data between 'other data' tables with more than one row per study, only the first row is copied.
  • The message 'Uniqueness of index on REVIEWER is violated' appears when importing a review. Workaround: press Ctrl+F5 before importing the review.
  • When a reference is moved/copied from a study to 'other references', the generated reference ID is sometimes based on the wrong reference.
  • It shouldn't be possible to move a reference from an excluded study to 'other references' if the reference is the only one for the study.
  • Funnel plots for generic inverse variance data are always displayed on a log scale - even though the data are entered on a linear scale.
  • At the Contacts screen, if you change a contact ID and press Save twice, an error message is displayed. It is safe to ignore the error by pressing Retry. Workaround: You don't need to press Save after each contact ID is changed. Apply all your changes and then press Save only once.

BUGS FIXED IN REVMAN 4.2.1 (released 9 April 2003)

  • Curly brackets in RTF files that you try to import may cause RevMan to hang or produce other unpredictable results.
  • Unmatched left curly brackets '{' in the main text cause RevMan to hang when saving the text. Workaround: match left curly brackets with right curly brackets '}' or delete them.
  • RevMan reports that numbers, equal signs etc. in formulas next to symbols may not be displayed correctly when published. The problem is that the unsupported characters are in symbol font although this is hard to tell. Workaround: delete the whole formula first, then enter the characters in the formula again without moving the cursor around, and finally apply any sub/superscript formatting.
  • Study references are not included in HTML export files - only the study IDs are there.
  • The user guide incorrectly states that column headings for additional tables can be 80 characters long. The actual max length is 20 characters. (not fixed by patch - only in full version)

BUGS FIXED IN REVMAN 4.2 (released 21 March 2003)

  • When trying to open the help file on some computers, the following message is displayed: " file was created for a language not supported by your version of Windows...". It has not been possible to find the cause of this problem.
  • Links in the text followed by a hard return are not updated automatically when a study or reference id is changed. Workaround: delete the link (place cursor within link and click Delete link) and insert it again.
  • The screen height gets smaller each time you open RevMan (unless the window is fully maximised).
  • After an auto-backup the cut/copy/paste buttons on the toolbar are not working for the tree view until the tree view looses focus and regains it.
  • Reviews imported from RevMan 3 may still have group and graph labels defined for comparisons. These show up at data entry screens instead of the outcome labels. Fix: send the review to RevMan support to have the labels removed.
  • When copying or moving a reference from a study to an 'other reference' section, RevMan should test if the generated Reference ID is the same as the Study ID as this will cause problems with the links if you want to rename the reference afterwards (the study links will be renamed in the text).
  • Headings can be bulleted. Workaround: To remove the bullet, place the cursor at the end of the line containing the heading and click on the bullet icon.
  • Tree view file is not moved together with the database files when changing the database directory. This means that each user can have different, out-of-date versions of the tree view. Workaround: move tree_contents.dfb and tree_contents.cdx files manually.
  • Links in the text are updated when changing the reference id for a classification pending reference (they shouldn't be as you can't insert links to classification pending references).

BUGS FIXED IN REVMAN 4.1.1 (released 13 December 2000)

  • In the Text of review, on the 'Insert link to' list: Ongoing studies are listed under Studies awaiting assessment and vice versa. Links can still be made without problems.
  • Spell check stops if you ask it to change a word. Message reads: Can't replace word; probably out of space. This error appears in long texts and apparently not in windows 95?
  • In Additional tables if you scroll down the page and then try and click in a box in order to edit something you get the following message; Error in Review Manager 4.1: Unknown member GRID 1.

BUGS FIXED IN REVMAN 4.1 (released 4 July 2000)

  • Windows help system crashes on some computers when trying to view the What's new section of the Handbook (fixed in the full version but not using the patch).
    Fix: download the Handbook help files (handbook.hlp and handbook.cnt) from the RevMan/Update directory on the FPT server and copy this into your RevMan directory
  • Problems with Windows 2000: some of the functions in RevMan 4 associated with the text of review are not working under Windows 2000. This includes printing (which will only print the headings) and saving reviews in HTML format.

BUGS FIXED IN REVMAN 4.0.4 (released 20 October 1999)

  • If you try to export a file to a floppy disk and a file with the same name exists in the RevMan installation directory you get an error message that the file is write protected.
    Workaround: Call the file something else.
  • When you import a review created in RevMan 4.0 of which a version is not already present in RevMan while other reviews created in RevMan 4.0 are present, the message "There appears to be one or more versions of the review [title] in RevMan already. Is that the case?" always appears.
    Workaround: Answer 'No' to remove the message.
  • When you import a review from a RevMan 4 file and RevMan does not contain a review with the same Unique ID but do contain a review with the same RevMan 3.1 ID, RevMan asks if they are actually versions of the same review. If you agree, RevMan should assign the same ID to both reviews, but his doesn't happen - they are keeping the different IDs. A related problem is that if you do as described above and you choose to make the imported review the primary version and you only have secondary versions of the review in RevMan and the title of the review in the import file if different from the title in RevMan and you answer Yes to keep the title in RevMan, the imported review will loose its title.
  • In Text of review, reviews with 5.000 words and above have a lag when typing. The lag is proportional to the number of words.
    Workaround: If this gets serious you can press Ctrl+q to open a quick edit box or export the text and edit it in a word processor, then import it again

BUGS FIXED IN REVMAN 4.0.3 (released 12 August 1999)

  • When scrolling up in a textbox using the up arrow key with the insertion point (cursor) located to the right of a line RevMan sometimes crashes
  • Text exported as RTF has the language set to Danish
  • When you try to delete all the classification pending references while one or more of the references are being edited (the window is open) an error message is displayed and you have to press Cancel twice to exit RevMan. Workaround: Close reference windows before deleting all classification pending references
  • If you have selected reviews, 'show reviewers' on, closed the tree view completely and do a search on a word that is not found, the icons for the reviews that were selected changes to incorrect icons. Fix: Press F5 to rebuild the tree view
  • MetaView fails to start if the directory for temporary files is set to a path name containing spaces. Workaround: Set the directory to a path name without spaces
  • The contributions of reviewers are not printed nor exported as HTML
  • When you press Cancel on the print setup window and afterwards try to print, an error message is displayed. Workaround: Always close the print setup window using the OK button
  • MetaView fails to find its help file. Solution: Use the dialogue box which is displayed to locate the help file in the MetaView directory. Afterwards it will not happen again
  • Windows help system crashes on some computers when trying to view the What's new section of the Handbook (fixed in the full version but not using the patch)

BUGS FIXED IN REVMAN 4.0.2 (released 29 July 1999)

  • RevMan 4.0.2 is recompiled in FoxPro 6.0 which should prevent crashes
  • All contact details from rm4 files are imported, not just the contact details for the reviews you choose to import
  • If you print preview 'References to studies' or 'Other references', then, while the preview window is open', pull down one of the menus, then go back and zoom in the preview window an error message is displayed
  • Windows help system crashes when trying to view the What's new section of the Handbook.
  • Once you have selected a country for a contact, it is not possible to remove the country again. This can be a problem if you want to clear the secondary address. Workaround: Set the secondary address to 'private' so it won't be included in the contact directory. It is never published
  • Displays an error message when trying to import contact details where the Organization field is missing
  • It is not possible to run more than one RevMan simultaneously

BUGS FIXED IN REVMAN 4.0.1 (released 22 July 1999)

  • Characteristics of included and ongoing studies and additional tables are printed in portrait
  • Helpfile displays 'beta' on the contents page
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