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About RevMan 5

RevMan 5 lets you do more while also being simpler to use. In addition to Intervention reviews, the new version includes the ability to write Diagnostic test accuracy reviews, Methodology reviews and Overviews of reviews.

And with its new interface that lets you work in a single document that is easily shared with co-authors and editors, it will also be much more user friendly.

RevMan 5 works on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

See What's new in RevMan 5 for more about the new features and latest updates.

Permission to use RevMan

You are allowed to use RevMan free of charge to prepare Cochrane Reviews or for purely academic use. For commercial use you have to purchase a license. In any case you need to agree on the terms in the End-User License Agreement.

Purchasing a license

If you plan to purchase a license for RevMan, you are allowed to install it and use it for a trial period of one week to test that it is compliant with your system. After one week you must either uninstall the software or contact The Nordic Cochrane Centre to purchase a license.

How to cite RevMan 5

We kindly ask you to cite RevMan whenever its output is used in works other than Cochrane Reviews. The proper citation is:

Review Manager (RevMan) [Computer program]. Version 5.0. Copenhagen: The Nordic Cochrane Centre, The Cochrane Collaboration, 2008.

Release and rollout

RevMan 5 was relased on 14 March 2008.

For a quick overview, see the timeline (PDF). For further details, see the Rollout strategy document (PDF).

Converting RevMan 4 reviews to RevMan 5

For instructions on how to convert reviews from RevMan 4 to RevMan 5 and which areas to check, see Conversion instructions (PDF). The instructions are prepared with editorial bases of CRGs in mind, but can also be used by authors. Authors, however, should not start converting reviews before they have agreed the process for this with their editorial base and obtained access to the latest versions of their reviews in Archie.

CRGs that wish to add to or modify the Conversion checklist before using it at the editorial base can download this MS Word version. This version is also useful for electronic completion.

RevMan 5 pilot

RevMan 5 was piloted by five CRGs. For more information, see the RevMan 5 pilot plans.

Rollout Frequently Asked Questions

See the RevMan 5 Rollout FAQ.


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