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What the new Information Management System (IMS) means to Editors

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In 2005, the Cochrane Collaboration will gradually introduce a new Information Management System (IMS). The main purpose of the new IMS is to support more efficient preparation, maintenance and publication of high quality Cochrane reviews.

The new IMS will integrate the software programs currently used by Review Groups (RevMan, ModMan) into one streamlined Internet-based system. Using a standard Internet browser, accurate and up-to-date resources such as contact details, protocols, reviews, studies, review group topic lists, and other information will be easily accessible to all Cochrane entities (with the appropriate access rights).

Additional advantages of the new IMS will include the avoidance of duplication of data; centralised back-up and archiving of reviews and other documents; a check-in/check-out system that ensures that authors, editors, and CRG staff are always working with the latest version of a RevMan file; the ability to track reviews during their preparation and maintenance; and the automation of some administrative and editorial tasks.

Benefits for Editors

  • Easy access to up-to-date contact details

    By browsing under or searching for People in the new IMS, you will have access to up-to-date contact details for for review authors, staff at your editorial base and other people within the Collaboration. Contact information accessed from the new IMS, whether for one person or a group of people, can then be easily exported in a format suited to your purpose.

  • Ability to monitor the progress of reviews through the editorial process

    By logging onto the central server, you will be able to see where the reviews you are responsible for are in your Groups editorial process. You will be able to identify the latest versions of protocols and reviews, check their current status, and review their history.

  • Easy access to protocols and reviews, with improved version control

    From within RevMan, you will be able to use the new check-in/check-out system to download protocols and reviews from the central server for editorial review and comment. The new system will improve version control so that you will always know which is the latest version of a review.

  • Generation of reports to help you manage your editorial responsibilities

    The new IMS will be able to generate a variety of reports to help you manage your editorial responsibilities. For example, you could receive reports on a regular basis summarising the status of all the protocols and reviews for which you are Editor, or reminding you of the protocols and reviews you need to review by a specific date.

More information

If you would like to find out more about the plans for the IMS, an introduction paper is available from

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