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IMS and coordination meeting, October 2003

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30 October 2003

Minutes: 1 December 2003

Attending: Dave Booker, Monica Kjeldstrm (minutes)

Following discussion about the IMS communication plan at the IMSG meeting on 12 September, the IMSG agreed that Dave Booker and Monica Kjeldstrm should meet monthly to discuss coordination activities.

Dave and Monica met during the XI Cochrane Colloquium in Barcelona, 30 October 2003, and a brief summary of their discussion follows. See also the notes from 13 June meeting for more information.

  1. Shared authentication
  2. Shared authentication logins between the IMS and the Cochrane Collaboration web site: Pending implementation of user authentication in the IMS - which will take place in the first couple of months of 2004.

  3. Sharing restricted documents
  4. It was agree that it would be preferable if the CMS chosen for the Cochrane web site (OpenCMS) could be used to handle confidential documents (such as draft minutes of Steering Group meeting) for the time being. The IMS will also be able to support the sharing of documents which are not reviews or modules, but not to maintain or publish them directly as the OpenCMS would.

  5. Design co-ordination
  6. Jacob to liaise with Dave regarding the registration of symbols and colours that could be shared between both sites.

  7. Move of contents from and
  8. Once OpenCMS is available to editors external to the German Cochrane Centre, the IMS team will facilitate the move of contents of these pages.

  9. Help systems
  10. It was agreed that the contents of help systems should be co-ordinated in areas that overlap.

  11. Test of systems
  12. Where there is an interface between the IMS and the Cochrane site, tests and results hereof should be shared.

  13. Next meeting
  14. It was agreed to have the next meeting (teleconference) at the beginning of December.
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