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IMS and coordination meeting, April 2004

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5 April 2004 (teleconference)

Minutes: 7 April 2004

Attending: Dave Booker, Monica Kjeldstrm (minutes)

  1. Mailman
  2. The IMS team would like to offer users of the IMS the ability to change their e-mail address only in the contact database and have this reflected automatically elsewhere in Cochrane-related systems. Dave agreed to speak to Georg Koch at their next weekly meeting regarding changing e-mail addresses on Cochrane mailing lists (hosted by Mailman at the German Cochrane Centre). Georg could contact Peter Friis ( for technical queries.

  3. Workshops at the Colloquium
  4. The IMS team is organising six IMS workshops: three hands-on workshops of 3 hours for core staff of CRGs; Two hands-on workshops of 1.5 hours for administrative staff of non-CRGs; and one presentational workshop for people who wants to know what the IMS is, but who will not be frequent users of the system. Dave and Greg Saunders are organising a workshop for RGCs about the entity template system. Monica suggested that this should be on 3 October at 13.30 15.00, because this slot doesnt conflict with the IMS workshops for CRGs.

  5. Unified login
  6. It was agreed to implement a simple unified login system in connection with the launch of the new interface to the Contact Database (expected in July 2004). This would mean that users of OpenCMS on would be authenticated by the IMS authentication system. Once a user has been authenticated, the actual user rights to OpenCMS would be handled through The IMS team has decided that user names in the new IMS should be e-mail addresses, as these will always be unique. At the moment, there is only a few people using the OpenCMS, and Dave didnt think they would object to changing their existing login names. Dave expects the total user base of OpenCMS to be in the range of 30 people. Dave agreed to ask Greg to contact Peter to sort out the technical details.

  7. IMS documentation
  8. Dave asked if there were more technical information available about the IMS (in addition to the analysis document) that Greg could have access to. Dave and Greg are working on documentation for the entity template project and would use the IMS documentation as inspiration. Monica said that a draft design document would soon be available. Dave also asked if Monica had any suggestion for whom to ask for advice about implementation issues. It was agreed that Dave should in the first instance ask the IMSG for their input.

  9. IMS documentation and links to
  10. It was agreed that within IMS documentation, efforts should be made to make appropriate links to the resources available through Similarly should refer to the IMS as appropriate, and the text used to describe the various elements of the IMS should be prepared jointly to ensure similar use of terms. Monica agreed that she would gather feedback in the training sessions on use of terms (such as People for the contact database) to ensure terms are acceptable to the users. Dave suggested that Monica should look at the information about the Contact Database on the internal resources page. Dave requested that Monica identify the 10 or so most likely tasks that would take IMS users away to the site, and visa-versa, so that paths in both directions can be made easy. Dave also offered to add items in help documentation to point visitors to appropriate sections of the IMS help system, as needed.

  11. Methodology register (CMR)
  12. It had been suggested that CMR could be hosted at CRDs web site rather than on Dave supported this and Monica agreed to let the PPG know.

  13. Module data
  14. Monica agreed to ask Rasmus to send Dave some example of CRG modules in FoxPro format as well as some examples of non-CRG modules in XML format (from the Contact Database).

  15. Domain name strategies
  16. Dave asked to be consulted with respect to choosing a domain name for the new IMS. Considerations could go towards establishing a secondary domain name on the domain (e.g.,, or coordinate the way the two systems use secondary domains.

  17. Front-end development
  18. Dave suggested that colours and fonts should be coordinated to achieve a bit of similarity between the two systems. Dave will send his style sheet to the IMS team. It was agreed that trying to coordinate the feel of menus was impractical and unnecessary, and it would be dropped. Dave also offered that the IMS could include the search box, so that IMS users easily could search for information on the web site. It was also agreed that the Cochrane logo be included in the IMS interface with a link to It was agreed that links to should open in a new window, so that IMS users easily will be able to return to their IMS work.

  19. Sukvinder Kaurs Access-based IMS
  20. Monica will send Dave a packet of information on this system for evaluation if any of the methods may apply to the new entity web template systems.
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