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IMS and coordination meeting, March 2004

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4 March 2004 (teleconference)

Minutes: 4 March 2004

Attending: Dave Booker (minutes), Monica Kjeldstrm

  1. New programmer
  2. Dave explained that Greg Saunders (the GCC's new programmer) would start by evaluating whether OpenCMS (the content management system used on can be extended to serve as the core CMS for the entity website template project. Monica were happy for Dave to share IMS documentation with Greg Saunders, and agreed it would be useful for Greg to be at the IMS training day in Amsterdam (Monica and Jacob will be present).

  3. Contact details on
  4. Dave thanked Rasmus for work generating the content of the contact pages from the contact database, and said that remaining issues with the output are low-priority, and can wait until later, as Rasmus is very busy with the IMS.

  5. External links policy development
  6. Dave will keep Monica copied in to the discussion. The draft is not yet ready for the upcoming PPG meeting, but Dave offered to give it to the PPG via email in a couple of weeks, if Nick agrees. ACTION: Dave

  7. Use of module data
  8. Dave will try to use the existing FoxPro files from ModMan in the pilot phase of the Entity Website Template Project (late 2004), with the understanding that the module data will likely be in XML files soon after that, as other entity data is now. The IMS team does not have time now to work on data delivery processes at this stage.

  9. Training coordination
  10. There may be some training needs of the new entity templates system that could be coordinated with the IMS training events. This should be discussed as details become clearer. Monica suggested that Dave contacts Dimintrinka Nikolova, the Hepato-biliary Group, as she is piloting the new IMS, and has also expressed interest in piloting the new web site templates. ACTION: Dave

  11. USCC's new site
  12. Dave mentioned that the US Cochrane Centre is launching a new site, which uses's search tool for searching review abstracts within their own template, on's database. Apparently no importance to the IMS.

  13. Unified login
  14. We should keep thinking about future unified login coordination options.

  15. Terminology
  16. Monica mentioned that the CCSG agreed that with the new IMS coming, it is time to look at better terminology (e.g., 'reviewers' becoming 'authors'). There will be a call for other suggestions. Dave should ask Sally Green about this, and he suggested he'll revisit the acronym database page and 'name register' pages of ACTION: Dave

  17. Methodology register
  18. Dave agreed to talk with Gerd Antes about decisions taken by CCSG and to discuss the current procedures and structures with the appropriate person at the UKCC.
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