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IMS and coordination meeting, December 2003

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1 December 2003 (teleconference)

Minutes: 2 December 2003

Attending: Dave Booker (minutes), Monica Kjeldstrm

  1. RevMan pages
  2. Jacob Riis will be re-working the RevMan section of

  3. Web services from the Contact Database
  4. Dave will provide required output format details to Rasmus for the web service that will deliver contact details to various pages of This will happen after final work (this week) on the email addresses encryption system, which may affect how pages containing email addresses are formatted. li>

  5. Menu function
  6. The homepage menu functioning is somewhat different on the IMS front-end compared to; on the menu opens to secondary items without change in the page content, but on the IMS page content changes reflect what menu item is open. It was agreed that the two web sites could ideally mirror each others interface actions (share the similar operator 'feel'), and so more disussion on this should follow. Monica may discuss the menu function with the ModMan advisory group.

  7. Register of symbols
  8. As noted in Monica and Dave's last meeting, Jacob and Dave will still develop together a system to coordinate registration of symbols and colours that could be shared by both sites.

  9. Hosting of IMS web site
  10. The IMS web site will continue to be hosted by NCC using Plone, for the time being, as integrating the site into the OpenCMS system of was not seen as urgent, although desireable in the long-term.

  11. Next meeting
  12. The next IMS/ coordination meeting will be in the first week of February.
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