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IMS bulletins for CRGs

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The IMS bulletins are sent directly to Super Users in Cochrane Review Groups, and archived here for others who may be interested
  • IMS bulletin #36: 18 May 2006
    1. By-lines for Cochrane reviews: updated guidance
    2. Archie module reports
    3. CRG contact details
    4. Tips and checks for module submission
    5. Validation check
    6. New version of RevMan 4.3
    7. Question of the week: I thought the next module deadline was Wednesday, 24 May 2006 but the date in the Organizer Calendar in Archie is 25 May 2006. Which is correct?
  • IMS bulletin #35: 28 April 2006
    1. Check-in report for a review which matches on title and not on review ID
    2. Latest Archie deployment (v.1.10): 28 April 2006
    3. Future IMS training events
    4. Information on country of origin and sex for people with records in Archie
    5. IMS question of the week: We withdrew a review from publication a long time ago but now have a new review team who would like to update the review following a new protocol they are currently preparing. How should we handle the file management in Archie?
  • IMS bulletin #34: 7 April 2006
    • People records and Document roles for new authors when checking in reviews to Archie
    • Duplicate People records
    • IMS question of the week: Is there a limit to the number of versions of a review we can hold in Archie?
  • IMS bulletin #33: 24 March 2006
    • For all
      1. Message sent to other Cochrane entities about the Archie messaging system
    • For Phase 2 Users
      2. Checking out a RevMan file from Archie
      3. Transferring a protocol or a review from one CRG's module to another
      4. Changing the status of a withdrawn protocol to 'Inactive'
      5. IMS question of the week: Do we have to run the Publication wizard again if the byline for the review within the Document is correct but the Document roles had to be corrected in Archie because they had not been selected in the RevMan file?
  • IMS bulletin #32: 10 March 2006
    1. For all
      1. Where to find your Group code in Archie
      2. Citation bylines that include the name of a collaborative group
      3. Report on Archie module submissions for Issue 2, 2006
    2. For Phase 2 Users
      4. Editing the Permissions for the Entity role 'TSC' to allow TSCs to check out reviews for editing
      5. Registering new titles
      6. Tip: Searching a string (such as a review title) containing stop words
      7. IMS question of the week: When registering a title in Archie, what does the Review wizard search when checking for potential duplicates?
  • IMS bulletin #31: 10 February 2006
    • For all
      1. Latest Archie deployment
      2. Safeguards in Archie and backup strategy for preventing accidental loss of data
    • For Phase 2 Users
      3. Reminder: use of the Entity role 'Super User'
      4. Recommended RevMan 4.3 update: clearer indication of Server in use
      5. Tip: searching for specific text when viewing a draft in Archie
      6. Questions of the week
       (a) Can I search for specific items in previous past IMS Bulletins?
       (b) I thought I had withdrawn a review from publication but I can't see it listed on my Publication report. Why?
  • IMS bulletin #30: 27 January 2006
    1. For all
      1. Latest Archie deployment
      2. Reminder: Archie messages
    2. For Phase 2 users
      3. Relationship between Document roles and Entity roles in Archie
      4. RevMan IDs (called Unique ID in RevMan) and Archie
       (a) Implications for registered titles
       (b) Implications for published protocols and reviews
      5. Tip: printing the check-in message from RevMan
      6. Question of the week: Why do I get a message saying "shared by authors and editors" when I change the phase of a Review from Authoring to Editorial and vice versa?
  • IMS bulletin #29: 16 December 2005
    1. For Phase 2 users: Latest version of RevMan 4.3 and new Training server
    2. Questions of the week:
      (a) What is the legality of faxed Licence to publish forms? Isn't it better to have the original? Should we ask the authors to put the original in the post?
      (b) How can I easily identify our 'active' from 'inactive' authors in Archie?
  • IMS bulletin #28: 2 December 2005
    1. Update on module submissions by CRGs in Phase 2
      a) Number of 'Archie' module submissions
      b) Report on 'Archie' module submissions for Issue 1, 2006
    2. Reminder: maintaining contact details in Archie
    3. New documents with updated guidance for Phase 2 users
    4. Questions of the week: for Phase 2 users
      (a) Question: Do we have to run the Publication wizard if we want to publish a change to contact details?
      (b) Question: I can�t view the graphs for my reviews in Archie. Why?
  • IMS bulletin #27: 7 October 2005
    1. IMS events in Melbourne
    2. Reminder: customising the messaging system in Archie
    3. 3. For Phase 2 users
      (a) User Guide
      (b) Question of the week: I checked in a protocol to Archie. Why didn't it recognise and link it to the title that I had registered in Archie?
  • IMS bulletin #26: 2 September 2005
    1. Another way to create an icon on your Desktop
    2. For Phase 2 Users: Contact IDs
  • IMS bulletin #25: 19 August 2005
    1. RGC User Guides
    2. Update on CRG moves to Phase 2
    3. For Phase 2 Users
      (a) Republishing reviews with a change to author's contact details
      (b) Creating a line break instead of a paragraph in the module text
    4. Question of the week: How can I create an icon on my Desktop to allow me to go straight to Archie's login screen?
  • IMS bulletin #24: 29 July 2005
    1. People: resolving duplicate records
    2. Provisional Information Management System Group (IMSG) and RevMan Advisory Group (RAG) minutes online
    3. Update on moves to Phase 2
    4. Update on IMS training plans
    5. Next deployment (update) of Archie: 29 July 2005
    6. Questions of the week
      (a) There is a field called 'Specification' under the field 'Role' when adding an Entity role. What is this for and do I have to complete it?
      (b) Is it possible to search the Specification field?
      (c) Can I save my selection after I run a search in Archie?
  • IMS bulletin #23: 1 July 2005
    1. Next deployment (update) of Archie: Monday, 4 July 2005
    2. Reminder
      (a) Selecting people
      (b) Editing the roles for use within your CRG
    3. Questions of the week
      (a) Archie often crashes on my when I first do a search. Is there anything I can do about this?
      (b) I created an email string in Archie but it didn't work. Why?
  • IMS bulletin #22: 17 June 2005
    1. Reminder: Role of regional IMS Support person
    2. Frequency of Bulletin for Super Users of CRGs
    3. Questions of the week
      (a) I am now using the Collaboration's approved Entity roles in Archie. To avoid confusion, can I delete the roles I no longer should be using from the list of roles specific to our CRG?
      (b) What is the difference between Entity roles and Document roles?
      (c) Is the Specification field (linked to a role) searchable?
  • IMS bulletin #21: 10 June 2005
    1. Presentation of names in Archie
    2. What's new in Archie: 10 June 2005 deployment
    3. Questions of the week
      1. What should I do if I forget my password for Archie?
      2. Can I print the Messages in Archie?
  • IMS bulletin #20: 3 June 2005
    1. Update on Phase 2 pilot
    2. Reminder: Previous bulletins
    3. Update on training plans
    4. Archie Help file improvements
    5. Question of the week: Can you arrange for all Super Users to be sent the IMS Bulletins so I don't have to forward them to our CRG's other Super User?
  • IMS bulletin #19: 20 May 2005
    1. Reminder: How to reassign a Primary entity if your CRG has been incorrectly assigned
    2. Fixed: Roles with strange numbers, e.g. "Author (81)"
    3. Questions of the week
      (a) Should the first letter of "de", "van", "der" and "ter" start with initial capitals when used as part of a family name?
      (b) I can't see the 'OK' or 'Cancel' buttons on the IMS. Why?
      (c) When will authors start to use RevMan 4.3?
  • IMS bulletin #18: 29 April 2005
    1. What's new in the IMS?
    2. IMS Question of the week: Is there a wishlist for the IMS where I can make suggestions for its development?
  • IMS bulletin #17: 22 April 2005<
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