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The ModMan 4.2.2 installation file is available in two versions: an update and a full version. In order to use the update you must have ModMan 4.2 installed on your computer. Otherwise you will need the full program.

Download the full program: ModMan42.exe (6.3 MB)
This can also be used for upgrading from ModMan 4.1 by installing it in the same directory as 4.1.

Download the update (requires ModMan 4.2 or 4.2.1): ModMan42patch.exe (276 KB)

When the download is complete, locate and run the file, for example using Windows Explorer to locate the file and by double-clicking on the file to run it.

Updating: The update must be installed in a directory where a copy of ModMan 4.2 is installed already. The installation will search for previous versions of ModMan on your hard disk and - if it finds one - suggest this directory for installation. If the suggested directory is not the right one, you have to browse to the right directory manually.

If you are about to install ModMan for the first time, you may want to read the ModMan user guide first.

Click here to download a document describing how tracking can be used in ModMan 4.2.

Contact details in ModMan

ModMan 4.1 and higher includes functionality to maintain the primary contact details for the CRG only. All other contact information is taken directly from RevMan when the module is exported. If you keep other contact details in ModMan, you may wish to export them to a HIREx file before updating. After the update, additional contact details remain, although hidden, in ModMan until you use the key combination ctrl+d to delete them. You should use this key combination one of the first times you open ModMan 4.1 to clear out the unused contact details from your module.

Meerkat users

If your CRG uses Meerkat and needs to import contact details from RevMan, you can download a small program here for doing so. Save the file mkexport.exe to your RevMan directory and double-click on the file to run it. The program will generate a Meerkat file with all contact details from RevMan.

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