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Current version of ModMan

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The latest major version is ModMan 4.2. The latest update is ModMan 4.2.2. This version fixes a few bugs in ModMan 4.2.

What's new in 4.2

The most important change in ModMan 4.2 is a much improved system for generating reports from the existing tracking system (click here to download a document describing how tracking can be used in ModMan 4.2). Other small changes include:

  • A validation check to test if reviews and protocols are linked to the topics list.
  • A validation check to test if all additional references have links in the text of review.
  • Improved printing of the topics list (properly indented).
  • Different colours for reviews and protocols in exported topics list.
  • Topics list can be expanded to a given number of levels on screen.
  • Cursor is placed under heading when opening the text on a certain section.

What's new in 4.1

In addition to fixing the known bugs in ModMan 4.0.2, the following changes have been implemented:

  • Review/Protocol/Title tracking screens have been redesigned with a bigger list at the top, which is always visible. The tracking (chasing) table has been moved to a separate page so there are now three pages: Review details, Tracking, and General Notes.
  • Review/protocol/title tracking screens show the location of the RevMan that ModMan links to in the title bar.
  • The symbols '+', '-', or 'x' are used on the tracking screens to mark reviews / protocols as included, not included, or broken links.
  • It is no longer possible to check the Withdrawn box unless the review is included in the module.
  • Broken links for non-included reviews/protocols are no longer shown on the tracking screens.
  • Ability to print different sections of the editorial information using check boxes like RevMan.
  • Ability to print on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper (Letter format).
  • Ability to spell check the module text.
  • The topics list is not expanded fully by default. A button has been added to expand/collapse the full list.
  • Ability to search the topics list.
  • Ability to export the module in HTML format.
  • ModMan logo the, i.e. the man in the suit with a brief case, has been removed.
  • Printed topic list has bullet points and the review status is displayed to the left of the title.
  • You can choose the number of levels when printing topic list.
  • Ability to export the topic list in HTML format.
  • All reports have been 'cleaned up'.
  • Changes to the Module status report: removal of the date entered, addition of date of last substantive update, removal of the withdrawn column, withdrawn protocols and withdrawn reviews have been moved to separate headings at the end of the report.
  • Shortcut key (ctrl+d) to delete all contact details except for the CRG contact person has been added.
  • It is now mandatory to select a contact person for the group on the CRG cover sheet.
  • The following items dealing with contact details have been removed from the File menu: Update contacts with details from RevMan, Export/Hirex - Contacts, Export/MeerKat files/Reviewers and the 'Contact details' item has been removed from the main menu.
  • Edit menu is enabled for the text of module.
  • Help file has been updated. The documentation contains advice on establishing a back-up policy.
  • 'Guidelines for preparing the group details of a CRG module in ModMan 4.1' has been updated.
  • Validation checks
    • Button on tracking screens for checking a single review / protocol
    • Reviews / protocols are checked automatically when you include them
    • Menu option to check all included reviews and protocols
    • Included reviews / protocols are checked automatically when you export the module
    • The new 'Validation results' screen includes an option to print the report
    • New section in help 'Validation rules'. Read this for more information including a description of the rules.
  • You are prevented from saving the cover sheet if the word 'Cochrane' is included in the group name. The word is automatically added on printed reports and documents saved as HTML.
  • A warning is displayed if the word 'review' is included in the group name.
  • A close button has been added to the 'Sources of support' screen.
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