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Known Bugs in ModMan

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ModMan 4.2.2

No known bugs.

ModMan 4.2.1

Location Description
Topics list If you press Save twice on this screen, the program will enter an infinite loop. Workaround: only press save once you have made all the modifications you want, then close.

ModMan 4.2

Location Description
Export text of CRG module Two sections are missing when you export text of CRG module as HTML: the section between 'Search strategies for the identification of studies' and 'Electronic searches' and the section between 'Search strategies' and 'Access to specialised register by reviewers'. Until the bug is fixed, these sections can be copied and pasted into the HTML document.
Text of CRG module Using the spell checker on a selected section of text (as apposed to the entire text) can corrupt the text. Fix: copy the file called 'riched32.dll' from your RevMan directory into the ModMan directory.
Validation screen ModMan reports that abstracts have two more words than they actually have. RevMan 4.2 reports the correct number.

ModMan 4.1

Location Description
Tracking screens When you edit the record for a review and press Save, the selected review is validated no matter which changes you have made. The intention was that the review should be validated only when it's included in the module. One way around this is to press Cancel instead of Save. ModMan will then ask you if you want to save your changes, and if you reply Yes your changes will be saved but the review will not be validated.

ModMan 4.0.2

Location Description
Text of CRG module It is possible to paste into the protected headings. This may result in an error message.
Editorial tracking status report Long titles overwrite text on next line.
Review / protocol tracking When deleting broken links they stay in the list until the screen is re-opened.
Topics list It is possible to add a sixth level using copy and paste.
Tracking status report The totals on this report are not always correct.
Print setup/All reports Reports always print to A4 paper size. Changing the Paper Size on the Print setup form has no effect.
Group information report Doesnt work under Windows 2000. Empty headings printed.
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