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MAG minutes, 28 October 2003

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ModMan Advisory Group (MAG) meeting held at the XI Cochrane Colloquium in Barcelona on 28 October 2003

Minutes approved: 14 January 2004

Present: Clive Adams, Mandy Collingwood, Jane Dennis, Sonja Henderson (Convenor), Kate Hey, Pauline Howarth, Kate Jewitt, Monica Kjeldstrm, Rasmus Moustgaard and Reive Robb.

In attendance: Claire Allen (minutes), Peter Friis, Jacob Riis.

Apologies: Lois Sims.

1. Welcome
2. Approval of agenda
3. Potential conflicts of interest
4. Role of the ModMan Advisory Group (MAG) in the development of the new IMS
5. Structural changes to a CRG module
6. Any other business
7. Date of next meeting

  1. Welcome
  2. Sonja welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially Pauline and Peter, for whom this was their first meeting.

  3. Approval of agenda
  4. The agenda was approved.

  5. Potential conflicts of interest
  6. Name Group represented Other Group membership roles Other potential conflicts of interest
    Clive Adams Co-ordinating Editors. Co-ordinating Editor, Schizophrenia Group; member of the MeerKat Working Group; member of the RevMan Advisory Group. Member of a European Union Group creating a Mental Health Library. The Schizophrenia Review Group has created a tracking system and also created databases to make the editorial process and identification of trials more efficient.
    Mandy Collingwood Review Group Co-ordinators. Review Group Co-ordinator, Gynaecological Cancer Group.  
    Jane Dennis Review Group Co-ordinators. Review Group Co-ordinator, Developmental, Psychosocial and Learning Problems Group. Peripheral member of the European Union Group creating a Mental Health Library and affiliated to the Campbell Collaboration.
    Sonja Henderson Review Group Co-ordinators (Convenor of ModMan Advisory Group. Review Group Co-ordinator, Pregnancy and Childbirth Group; member of RevMan Advisory Group; represents ModMan Advisory Group on the Information Management System Group; member of the Cochrane Style Guide Working Group. Assisting with the co-ordination of the Cochrane Style Guide Working Group.
    Kate Hey Review Group Co-ordinators. Review Group Co-ordinator, Tobacco Addiction Group.  
    Pauline Howarth   Publisher of The Cochrane Library. Employed by John Wiley & Sons Limited.
    Kate Jewitt Review Group Co-ordinators. Review Group Co-ordinator, Neuromuscular Diseases Group.  
    Monica Kjeldstrm Information Management System team at the Nordic Cochrane Centre (non-voting member. Director of the Cochrane Collaboration ; employed at the Nordic Cochrane Centre; member of Information Management System Group; member of RevMan Advisory group. Job dependent on in-house software development. Receives funding from the Cochrane Collaboration to co-ordinate the development of the Information Management System.
    Rasmus Moustgaard Technical Advisor, Programmer of RevMan and ModMan. Employed to work on software development at the Nordic Cochrane Centre; member of Information Management System Group; member of RevMan Advisory group; Convenor of Technical Implementation Advisory Group. Job dependent on in-house software development.
    Lois Sims Non-voting   Employed by Update Software. Update Software Ltd provides software solutions for electronic publishing and reporting and are publishers of La Cochrane Library plus en espaol, the WHO Reproductive Health Library and La Biblioteca de Salud Reproductiva de la OMS. Update Software also have a contract with John Wiley & Sons Ltd to assemble all the data for publication in The Cochrane Library.
    Reive Robb Review Group Co-ordinators. Review Group Co-ordinator, Infectious Diseases Group; member of the Cochrane Style Guide Working Group. The Infectious Diseases Group are exploring a custom made system for their workflow management procedures.

  7. Role of the ModMan Advisory Group (MAG) in the development of the new Information Management System (IMS)
  8. Sonja explained that the ModMan software did not exist within the new IMS. MAG would continue to function during the development and implementation of the IMS. MAG would be replaced by the appropriate Advisory Group when the IMS is established. During the interim, MAG would not discuss issues on the development of the ModMan software. However, while the ModMan software was still being used, the ModMan wish list would be retained and monitored because this list will help to influence the development of the new IMS.

    It was agreed that leading up to the implementation of the new IMS, MAG would continue to assist in the preparation of standard workflows for the editorial processing of reviews. The IMS included certain workflow components, which are not included in ModMan, namely, inputs from the Trial Search Co-ordinator and the Comments and Criticism Editor. MAG's current membership should therefore be expanded to include these positions. It was agreed to extend the membership by three to include representatives from the following positions:

    • Trials Search Co-ordinators;
    • Comment and Criticism Editors;
    • and an additional Co-ordinating Editor.

    MAG also agreed that if an individual representing one of these categories could not attend a meeting, s/he should nominate a deputy.

    All the new members would have full voting rights. Sonja would explain why the group is being expanded when she put out a call for volunteers. The recommendations for new members will be sent to the IMSG for approval.
    Action: Sonja

    Monica reported that she would be presenting the IMS plans to the Quality Advisory Group (QAG) at their meeting on 29 October. Sonja reminded everybody that (a) the Quality Improvement Manager, Nancy Owens, had been involved in the meetings of the MAG to discuss tracking systems and (b) she had sent a copy of the 'Specifications for a tracking system' document to the Convenors of QAG for their comment since QAG is now responsible for the Quality Improvement Manager's report. They had not identified any additional elements in the 'system'. Monica agreed to explain to the QAG that the MAG will be discussing standardised workflows and making recommendations to the IMSG and that comments from the QAG should be fed directly to the IMSG through their representative.
    Action: Monica

    Rasmus asked everyone to think of a name for the central part of the IMS that will be accessed through a web interface, eg the contact database and the tracking and workflow system, i.e. everything except RevMan. This part of the IMS is likely to be the remit of the new group in the future.
    Action: Everyone

  9. Structural changes to a CRG module
    1. ModMan wish list
      MAG's role is to make recommendations to the IMSG, and the IMSG would in turn ask the Publishing Policy Group and Steering Group for approval, as appropriate. It was agreed that people should be encouraged to continue to submit suggestions for improvement and new features through the wish list. The wish list describing existing and new wishes had been circulated. It was agreed that in the interest of time, only the new wishes would be discussed at this meeting. For the next meeting, Mandy agreed to find out who was responsible for producing and revising the Module Guidelines document that detailed the content of a module.
      Action: Mandy

      New wishes for consideration for implementation in the new IMS:

      ID Title Description Priority by MAG Notes
      22 Internet links from modules to non-Cochrane activities To be able to place internet links in the module text that will be active when published. Not yet assigned. Monica agreed to raise this issue with the PPG and, if approved, the MAG would discuss whether there should be guidelines.
      23 Submit new items only Modules should only contain new items and items modified since the last submission. Approved - high priority. This item will be integral to the new IMS.
      24 More support for touch typists To enable typists to navigate around ModMan using keyboard strokes, without clicking on the mouse. Already possible. Include as an ongoing wish for the new system.
      25 Text formatting Bold, italics, etc in the module text. Approved - high priority. The Style Guidelines will apply to module text.
      26 Word processing format To be able to edit the module in a standard word processor. Approved.  
      27 Better version control   Approved.  
      28 Tables The ability to include tables e.g. for journals and glossary. Approved.  
      29 Editorials The possibility to include editorials with reviews. Not yet assigned. Monica agreed to raise the issue with the PPG of whether editorials could be included with reviews.
      30 Change screen font To be able to change the font used when editing the module. Approved - low priority. This is being investigated within the new IMS system.
      31 Backup function An easy way to backup and restore all the data in ModMan. Approved. There will be be easy backup features in the new IMS.
      32 Search facilities To be able to search e.g. within the topics list and the list of reviews. Approved.  
      33 Module text: list of reviewers/contributors Could this information be taken directly from reviews?
      At present when I prepare the module text I have an unwieldy list of names of contributors or reviewers I have to put in. The Heart Group has a small set of published material so far, but in the future this will get bigger. Is this really useful? It is awful to prepare this list. More awful to read it I should think, and probably a waste of time. We have reviewers published and unpublished. Schizoprenia organise theirs by country - which looks more useful. Some just say reviewers, but are they all the reviewers on the citation lists? Or just lead reviewers? Or are they lead reviewers and contact reviewers?
      Approved. To be discussed at another time in relation to the module guidelines.
      34 Date updated used in tracking report The date updatedis the last substantive update. I would find it more helpful if the program could pick the latest recorded date from any of the following three fields: last substantive update; studies sought but not found; studies found and included/excluded. This would be far more useful as an internal housekeeping tool, and would enhance ModMan as a tracking function. Not yet assigned. This relates to the working Group led by Mike Clarke, which is investigating the use and presentation of dates within reviews.
      35 A system for merging/splitting reviews We should have a system for merging or splitting reviews that will make it possible to flag this in The Cochrane Library and to link between the old versions and the merged/split reviews. Not yet assigned. This is being discussed by the IMSG team and John Wiley & Sons in relation to DOIs. It will be addressed within the new IMS and Sonja agreed to add this item to the agenda for the next MAG meeting.
      36 More export options It should be possible to export a list of review titles (for titles, protocols and full reviews) and authors in HTML format. It should also be possible to add authors when exporting the topics list. Approved.  
    2. Feedback from RGC meeting
      Sonja reported that there had been a breakout session for RGCs at the RGC meeting on 26 October to discuss the new IMS, following Monica's presentation of the plans for the IMS. There had been six groups each facilitated by an RGC member of MAG. Sonja would collate the feedback from the groups and circulate it to the RGC facilitators before forwarding it to the Adminors list and the MAG. Action: Sonja

  10. Any other business
    1. RevMan Advisory Group
      Mandy agreed to join the small working group, which had been convened by Mike Clarke and included Lindsay Stead, Harriet MacLehose and Rasmus Moustgaard, that would consider formatting and functionality of sections other than the text section of RevMan.
      Action: Mandy

  11. Date of next meeting
  12. The next MAG meeting will be held on 14 January 2003, starting at 09.30 a.m., in Oxford, UK. The primary business of this meeting will be to discuss standard workflows. It was agreed that Jacob and Peter should attend this meeting.
    Action: Sonja

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