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What's new

Document Actions

15 August 2006, v.1.11.2

  • Bug fix

    When you used the Compare Contact Details report for a review where the Document role Contact Editor has been assigned, the report included the Contact Editor as a Co-author.

14 August 2006, v.1.11.1

  • Bug fix

    A problem with opening Properties for some person records was fixed.

11 August 2006, v.1.11

  • Updating of contact details in reviews

    A new wizard that can be run ahead of each submission lists reviews with updated contact details since last published version was created, with an option to automatically rerun the publication wizard on each.
    Note: checking all the reviews in a group can take a long time, and the more reviews, the longer it takes.

  • Compare contact details in review with contact details in Archie

    Right-click review and choose Reports > Compare Contact Details.

  • Review validation

    It is now an error if the Plain language summary is not included in a new or substantively updated full review.
    Note: RevMan doesn't know if the review is new or updated, therefore the check must continue to generate a warning only in RevMan.

    Additional figures without links in the text now produce an error instead of a warning.

  • Notes

    The Sharing tab is now visible also for notes you only have read permission for.

    Public notes can now also be edited by Super Users in the entity that controls the resource.

  • Wording for creating and registering titles

    The following headings are changed in the Review wizard to make the purpose of each clearer:
     ‘Register a vacant title’ = ‘Create a Vacant Title’
     ‘Create a title’ = ‘Create a Registered Title’
    Likewise, in the Advanced tab for the Review Properties, 'Title Registered’ and ‘Title Assigned’ has been modified to reflect the change.

  • Search

    New navigation in Search Results / Selection.
    'Any field' option renamed to 'Common fields'.
    AND and OR to added description of search options.

  • Preferences

    The Preferences window has been redesigned.
    New preference: Default search tab.
    New preference: Start-up folder - choose which entity folder the Resources tree expands by default.

  • Mobile phone field in new person wizard

    The New Person Wizard now includes the Mobile field.

  • Interface

    Refresh option in all context menus (for folders/items that have a context menu), and a Refresh button above the Resources tree.
    The module editor window can now be resized (eg maximized).
    The tabs on Properties sheets now show the number of items (eg Roles) on that tab.
    The Unpublish menu option has been renamed to Undo Publish.
    Icons for picker buttons - the person picker and date picker buttons now have icon instead of '...' .
    Person Reports now include review stage and status in the list of reviews.
    The Entity listed on the General tab of Document properties is now an active link to the entity.
    It is shown on Properties and labels when data are Hidden and not just blank.
    The Finish button in Wizards is disabled after first click to avoid repeting the action.

  • Technical improvements

    A DOI is generated when a review is marked for publication first time.
    All documents start as version 0.0
    Publication wizard check is now logged in the new user action log.
    PNG is now the standard graph format when viewing reviews.

  • Bug fixes

    • New review wizard found no duplicates - When you use the top three options for entering the title, stop words in the fields no longer prevents finding duplicates.
    • When the text in a field is longer than the length of the field's box, there were problems scrolling to the beginning or end.
    • Filenames (and types) were not handled correctly when you download or check out files or reviews from Archie using Firefox.
    • Reviews with '/' in title could not be checked out.
    • The validation report for reviews reported 'Organisation of co-author is empty' when, in fact, the organisation of the Contact author was empty.
    • Person wizard: 'Middle names' has been correted to 'Middle initials'
    • Search for persons with any role in any entity didn't work.
    • You could not delete a person who is subscribed to receive notification when the person's own record is changed.
    • If you enter more than 256 characters in the module citation byline, you now get a meaningful error message.
    • The button (in the lower left of the Messages window) to open the linked resource was 'squished' in FireFox.
    • DOIs are now incremented when a protocol changes to review.

7 June 2006, v. 1.10.4

  • Bug fixes

    • Resolving duplicates for Contact authors now works correctly.
    • DOIs are now updated correctly for substantive review updates.

1 June 2006, v. 1.10.3

  • Bug fixes

    • Deleting the last paragraph in a module document no longer prevents it from being saved.
    • DOIs for documents published for the first time no longer ends with not end with '.pub1'.

10 May 2006, v. 1.10.2

  • Bug fix

    Advanced searches with multiple 'Role in entity type' rows did not work correctly.

3 May 2006, v. 1.10.1

  • Bug fix

    Archie always reported a difference between two sets of contact details unless the active flags were NOT identical.

  • Data update

    A number of persons had the incorrect Country entry 'UNITED KINGDOM'. This has now been set to UK for all.

28 April 2006, v. 1.10

  • Inactive authors

    Persons and individual roles now have an 'Active' status (on by default). The Active status for persons can be set by the Primay entity on the the persons's Info tab, and if a person is marked as inactive, a Reason can be added - e.g. 'Deceased'. Super Users can also mark the individual roles they control as inactive by using Edit for the role. You can include the Active status for persons or roles as criteria in Advanced Searches.

  • Entity role permissions

    The system for assigning permissions based on Entity Roles has been extensively updated. A set of default permissions has been applied for all the main CRG roles.

  • Use whole window

    Archie now expands to use the whole browser window.

  • Selected status visible in Resources

    Resources that currently are selected are shown in bold in the Resources view.

  • Export of topics list to Meerkat format

    There is now a new type of report for CRGs: 'Topics List (MeerKat format)'

  • Title registration email list

    A new email list, (/.org), has been set up to handle the dissemination of new titles, in preparation for the transition from Review Titles Manager to Archie.

  • Publication report to match Wiley's

    To make the publication report match Wiley's, 'Updated reviews' has been renamed 'Edited reviews'; Commented & withdrawn reviews are not included under Commented; and Withdrawn reviews where a new version is published are not included under 'Edited reviews'. In addition, the Detailed report now includes Review No and Version.

  • Quick Search for documents only in title

    A Quick Search for documents now only looks in the title, not the full text.

  • Rename Archie's Check in/out option for reviews

    The options in the right-click menu for reviews have been renamed 'Check Out (XML format)', 'Check In (XML format)' and 'Download (XML format)' to clarify their function.

  • Clicking OK in Address window

    When you open an addresss (with Edit), and close it by clicking OK without having made any changes, this was recorded as an update to the record. Clicking OK without having made changes is now filtered out and does not count as an update.

  • Use Active role status in Entity report

    The Role Summary section in the Entity Report is now split into three columns: Active, Inactive Total, with totals for each at the bottom.

  • Use Active role status in People folder

    The People folder in Resources now lists three numbers for each role: Total, Active role, and Inactive role.

  • DOI link from Document Properties

    Any review that has been published will have a DOI on the Advanced tab. The DOI is now a link that, when clicked, takes you directly to the review in the Cochrane Library.

  • New Withdrawn icons

    Withdrawn protocols/reviews have a new icon that makes them more clearly distinguishable from Inactive ones. NOTE: you most likely need to clear your 'Temporary Internet files' to see the new icons.

  • Renaming review stages

    'Title' is renamed 'Registered Title'. 'Review' is renamed 'Full Review'.

  • Smaller font for printed Reports

    The font size for print versions of reports has been made smaller, significantly reducing the no. of pages in the Detailed Publication report.

  • Search on issue first published

    Advanced Search now lets you search for protocols and reviews by what issue they were first published.

  • Export authors

    'Contact author', and 'Byline' are now possible fields in the export format for reviews.

  • Label button should generate label for displayed address

    The Label button on person properties now generates a label for the address being displayed (instead of always using the contact address).

  • Display review number as a column in resource view

    The review number is the 4 character id controlled by the review group. It is now displayed in a column in the Resources view.

  • Filename extension for review xml files

    The extension of review XML files checked out or downloaded from Archie has been changed from '.xml' to '.r4x'. If you use the latest version of RevMan 4.3, it is easy to check out reviews directly from Archie to RevMan.

  • Ability to display contact author names next to review titles

    The contact author's name is now shown in a column next to a review's title in the Resources view.

  • Bug fixes

    • Ctrl-click in scrolled table selects the wrong row: When you scroll down and Ctrl-click an item in a table (eg a review's History) the wrong row was selected.
    • Module editor breaks fixed headings: It is no longer possible to delete part of fixed headings in the Module editor.
    • Ignore Public notes in Contact details from RevMan: If a new person record is created from a review check-in, and the RevMan record has data in Public Notes, Archie no longer transfers this to the (hidden) Public notes field or creates a note for the person.
    • Editor: Cannot delete text that is immediately before a fixed heading: A message now suggests using Backspace.
    • Editing an entity's address does not update Modified date: The date is now updated.
    • Right-click menus should not drop below screen: Right-click menus can no longer drop below screen.
    • Compare failed for documents with extremely long paragraphs

23 March, 2006, v. 1.9.3

  • Bug fix

    • A script error prevented the menu bar from loading for Chinese users.

13 February, 2006

  • Bug fix

    • The Topics tree could not expand topics where a sub-topic contained quotation marks - eg "Anti-Parkinsonian"
    • Super Users were not allowed to save their edits to Entity/Admin notes created by others.

6 February, 2006

  • Permission to edit entity notes

    Super Users can now edit some of the notes created by others. This includes for a person resource: Entity notes and Administrative notes -and for a document: Administrative notes.

  • Individual CRG resubmission

    If a CRG needs to correct errors in one or more reviews and then resubmit, this can now be handled through Archie.

  • Show overview of reviews divided by stage and status

    A CRG's Reviews folder now show an overview of the number of reviews divided by stage and status.

  • Structural problem regarding inactive records

    Published records now also have an internal 'issue last published' date. Each version's publication history now shows the first and last issue it was published.

  • Problem with reinstated protocols

    When a protocol that has previously been published and then deleted from CLIB, is reinstated from the Inactive stasus, there is now cerated a new, to be published version is created from the latest version. A warning suggests that you manually republish it to ensure it is validated.

  • Publication Wizard cleans version for publication

    The Publication Wizard now removes track changes codes, and red marker from the published version.

  • Bug fixes

    • Editing a person's entity role could mean that the permissions associated with the role was lost.
    • Event start/end time may be incorrectly shown in event properties: User time zone is now being properly registered at login.
    • Editing a source of support failed unless you had read permission for all entities.
    • On the screen to edit entity role type permissions, the option 'May edit all documents' now gives permission to read documents in addition to the permission to write documents. Previously, review check-out could fail.
    • If a review's status was changed to Inactive, it incorrectly disappeared from the previous issue's publication report.
    • You could not compare review versions if one of the versions had co-authors with an empty name field.
    • Using the Download function in the document viewer could give an error.

12 January, 2006

  • List of known bugs

    The Help menu now has a 'Known bugs' link that takes you to a page listing any currently known bugs in Archie.

  • Validate all reviews using versions to be published

    The validation report for a CRG now validates the review versions that will be published, not the latest draft.

  • Publication wizard check for reason for withdrawal

    The publication wizard now reports an error if a withdrawn review is attempted published without a Reason for withdrawal in Notes.

  • New and Withdrawn validation check

    If a review or protocol is both New and Withdrawn it is rejected by the publication wizard.

  • Reinstated and Updated validation check

    The publication wizard checks that a protocol being reinstated has been substantively updated.

  • Module Publication Wizard validation of contact details

    The publishing wizard for modules now validates the entity's contact details.

  • Module status/locking system

    During the submission period, system administrators can now lock access to the publication wizard and topics list editor while modules are being validated for publication. Status can be Pending (no access), Resubmission (access to publish in current issue), or Approved (access to publish in next issue). The Info tab of the entity's Properties shows the status.

  • DOI on review properties

    The Advanced tab now also lists a review's DOI.

  • Notification when review is matched by title during check-in

    If a review is checked in from RevMan 4.3 to Archie, and the review ID has changed (but the title matches), RevMan will report this.

  • Publication Wizard check for other published reviews with the same title

    This prevents two versions of a review with different IDs from being published by mistake.

  • Publication Wizard warning if review is published without protocol published

    The Publication Wizard will warn if a review is being published without a protocol having been published previously.

  • Publication Wizard: View compared to last published version

    The publication wizard now lets you compare the version you are about to publish with the previously published version.

  • Summary publication report

    The summary publication report now also lists the title of new, updated, etc. reviews.

  • Bug fixes

    • Edit entity role no longer allows deletion of last role in primary entity: If a role is the last role in primary entity, a user editing the role was nevertheless allowed to change the role's entity.
    • Could not save search over existing search: Attempting to save a search with a name that already exists now prompts the user to overwrite or cancel.
    • Module Editors could not see Module under Documents: The document role Module Editor now allows you to see the Module, without additional permissions.
    • The Publication wizard no longer includes the Contact author's email address in the review if the address is marked as hidden.
    • The Unpublish function now works for Module documents.

21 December, 2005

  • Bug fixes

    Various bugs have been fixed.

14 October, 2005

  • Calendar

    Every calendar event is now tied to a time zone. Times entered and shown in Event Properties are always relative to the specified time zone. Note that times shown in your calendar in the Organizer tab are always local.

    For example, if you connect to Archie from a computer in London and create an event taking place 3-4pm Melbourne time, the event will appear in your calendar relative to London time, which is 6-7am. If you connect to Archie from a computer in Melbourne, the event will appear in your calendar relative to Melbourne time, 3-4pm.

  • Time zones

    Under User Preferences > Calendar, you can now select the default time zone to be used for the creation of calendar events (see Calendar above).
  • Bug fixes

    Various bugs have been fixed.

26 August, 2005

  • Document Search expanded

    • The document search now searches generic documents in addition to reviews and modules.
    • For documents, Quick Search and Any Field under Advanced Search searches title and full text of documents.
    • Search for a phrase by enclosing the phrase in quotes. E.g. write
      melatonin prevention "jet lag"
      to match the words "melatonin", "prevention", and the phrase "jet lag".

18 August, 2005

  • Document phase

    The phase of each review version is now visible on the History tab. A number of issues regarding document phases and access rights have been fixed.
  • Review check-in messages

    The system no longer sends 'Suggest changes' messages when you check in from RevMan and choose not to update the contact database.
  • Check-out inactive protcols

    It is now possible to check out inactive protocols (and reviews) if you, for instance, need to work on a version before it is reinstated.
  • System tray

    A system tray is now displayed on the top right of every section. It contains a clock, a message indicator to notify you if you have unread messages, and a selection set indicator when resources have been selected.
  • Bug fixes

    Various bugs have been fixed.

29 July, 2005

  • Organizer tab

    The Organizer tab has been introduced to provide an overview of calendar events, tasks, and messages (see below).
  • My Tools removed

    The "My Tools" toolbar has been removed. Quick search has moved to the top right of the page and messaging is now accessed from the new Organizer tab (see above).
  • Quick search

    Quick search has been simplified and is now accessible from the top right of every section. By default, Quick search performs a "match all terms" people search when pressing Enter.
    For convenience, the following shortcut keys are now available:
    • CTRL+Q: Move cursor to Quick Search field
    • CTRL+D: Search Documents
    • CTRL+E: Search Entities
  • Calendar

    Events/reminders can now be maintained and shared on Archie. Events are either personal, shared among users affiliated with an entity, or shared Collaboration-wide. Shared events are administrated by entity Super Users or System Administrators, respectively. New events are created using File > New > Event... .
  • Messaging

    Messaging has been improved and is now accessible from the Organizer tab. Messages are now divided into one or more mailboxes. Every user has the default "System" mailbox that contains system messages. In addition, entity Super Users have a mailbox for administrative messages for their entity (e.g. notifications of when the contact details of someone in that entity has changed). Note that messages sent prior to this release are all kept in the "System" mailbox.
    The number to the right of the mailbox shows how many unread messages it contains
    Click on a mailbox to open the message browser.
  • Publication report for back issues

    It is now possible to view publication reports for back issues of The Cochrane Library. You choose the issue within the report.
  • Entity report shows total of people in entity

    The total number of people with one or more roles in the entity is shown on the entity report.
  • User preference: label format

    Under preferences, it is possible to choose the label format used for printing single labels, and used by default for exporting multiple labels.
  • Delimiter for email string

    The export wizard makes it possible to specify the delimiter for email strings.
  • More search options

    It is now possible to search for people with a certain document role, and to search for people with a certain entity role specification.
  • Delete persons with notes

    Persons who have created notes can be deleted. Private notes are deleted. Entity notes are transferred to the contact person of the entity. Public notes are transferred to the contact person for the entity 'owning' the resource (person or document) that the note is about.
  • Submitted for publication status

    In the interval between reviews have been submitted to the publishers and the Cochrane Library is published, the publication status icon turns blue.
  • Review folders show drafts

    A column has been added to the folder view for reviews indicating if later drafts than the latest published version exist.
  • Document folders

    The "Checked out" column now uses an icon to indicate check-out status. A "" means that the document is checked out. This also affects Review folders.
  • Person modified messages

    Messages when persons are modified include a description of the changes.
  • Notifications for super users

    Persons that are super users in more than one entity can choose the entity when editing notifications.
  • Export as table

    All resource types now have an tabular export format called HTML table.
  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed fields (email address and mobile phone) marked as private to be seen.
    • Fixed a bug where event messages were sent to event originator.
    • Fixed a bug with the permissions to view different document version.
    • Fixed a bug viewing a large number of graphs.

1 July, 2005

  • Resources view options

    Options have been added to customize the resources view:
    • Show 1) All entities, 2) Affiliated entities (recommended), or 3) Primary entity. This option is available by clicking the icon on top of resource tree, from the View menu, and also from the Preferences dialog (see below).
    • Group by entity type can now be disabled (default). This option is available from the Preferences dialog (see below).
  • User preferences

    Preferences such as start page, resource tree view options, and date formats can now be set in Tools > Preferences.
  • Messages

    • Messages now show who sent them (e.g. suggest changes). Messages triggered by events on the system show who caused the event (e.g. update of contact details).
    • A system event no longer cause a message to be sent to the user who triggered it. E.g. you will no longer be notified if you change your own record.
    • From Person Properties > Settings > Notifications, it is now possible to customize system notifications, and e.g. receive emails instead of system messages
  • Date assigned on document roles

    Document roles now have assignment dates (like for entity roles).
  • Bug fixes

    A bug in the check-in function that sometimes resulted in a person having both contact and co-author roles on a review has been fixed. A number of minor bugs have also been fixed.

10 June, 2005

  • Search by publication status

    It is possible to search for documents by publication status, i.e. 'Not published', 'To be published', 'Published' and 'To be republished'.
  • Review Publication Wizard

    The Review Publication Wizard now makes it optional whether contact details in the published version should be taken from the Contact Database.
  • Publication report

    Byline and date version created are included in the report. Substantively updated reviews are no longer also listed under Updated reviews.
  • Topics Lists

    The topics list is limited to five levels and links to reviews can only be made at the lowest level. The screen for linking reviews is larger and makes it easier to pick the right review.
  • Resolve Duplicates Wizard

    Secondary addresses for the duplicate are transferred to a note when a duplicate is resolved.
  • Document Roles linked to specific address

    A document role can be linked to a specific address, which the publication wizard uses to include in the published version.
  • Renaming of generic documents

    Generic documents can now be renamed.

20 April, 2005

  • Name change

    As decided by the Steering Group, The Cochrane Information Management System (or Archibald One) is now known as Archie.
  • Interface updated

    • Parts of the system interface have been redesigned.
    • The Resource menu is now called the File menu
    • To conserve space, the toolbar now slides in over the content instead of pushing it to the right.

12 April, 2005

  • Person properties

    • Changes to a person's entity roles no longer counts as a modification of that person's record.
    • Suggest Changes button has been replaced by a context menu item. To suggest changes, right-click on the person and select "Suggest Changes..." or highlight the person and select "Suggest Changes..." from the system menu.
    • Entity roles are now listed with information on when they were assigned and by whom.
  • Module editor

    The module editor checks for missing fixed headings.
  • Bug fixes

    • An error that caused spontaneous logouts has been fixed.
    • A number of minor bugs have been fixed.

  • Features only available to IMS Pilot groups:

  • Review check-in

    Contact details are no longer 'updated' if a review is checked in with identical contact details as those in Archie.
  • Publication Wizard

    The Publication Wizard shows the review byline together with the list of author roles so these can be compared.
  • RevMan 4.3

    Notifications in RevMan when you check in a review and the stage is updated, and when you check in a new review.
  • Bug fixes

    • When a new review was checked in, the stage was always set to Title.
    • Home addresses in RevMan (HIREx) export files were tagged incorrectly.

24 March, 2005

  • Review searching

    It is now possible to search by review specific fields, including stage, status, phase, review number and various dates.
  • Review exporting

    Review specific fields can be exported, including stage, status, phase, review number and various dates.

  • Features only available to IMS Pilot groups:

  • Withdrawn versions

    The withdrawn status is now recorded individually for each review version.
  • Publication report

    Various problems have been fixed.

11 March, 2005

  • General documents

    It is now possible to store and share any type of documents under an entity's Documents folder.
  • Address fields no longer mandatory

    The fields City and Address1 are no longer mandatory when creating a person.
  • Nested lists

    Nested lists are supported in the module editor.

  • Features only available to IMS Pilot groups:

  • Editable review titles

    The title of reviews can be edited on the properties page.
  • Publication view

    Reviews can be viewed in a style that emulates Wiley InterScience.
  • Vacant titles

    The Proposed titles section has been renamed to Vacant titles.
  • Publication status

    The publicaton status of reviews has been added as a column to the folder view. A circle means 'To be published' or 'To be republished' and a bullet means 'Published'.
  • Review stage in history table

    The icons in the history table now reflect the stage of review versions, and the publication status is listed in a new column.
  • Review stage in history table

    The icons in the history table now reflect the stage of review versions.
  • Topics list report

    Authors can be included in the topics list report.

8 February, 2005

  • Module documents

    The appearance of module documents now emulates the Wiley InterScience style.
  • Bug fixes

    A bug in the module editor has been fixed.

26 January, 2005

  • Improved search

    In addition to searching for persons you can search for entities and documents.
  • Improved export

    The export wizard can now export entities.
  • Select persons from Resources section

    Persons can now be selected from the Resources section. Right-click on a person and choose Select or Deselect. From the right-click menu on a role folder under People, you can also select/deselect all persons with that role.

21 January, 2005

  • Bug fixes

    An error in the Resolve Duplicates wizard was fixed.

20 January, 2005

  • Names

    The short form of a person's name displayed in search results, the resource view and elsewhere, now contains middle names.
  • Person modified

    Modifying a person's entity roles now counts as modifying the person and is hence reflected in the "Modified" and "Modified by" fields.
  • Shortcut icon

    A shortcut icon has been added to help distinguish the IMS from other bookmarked sites.
  • Bug fixes

    Advanced search now matches non-english characters.

14 January, 2005

  • What's New section

    This section has been added.
  • Various bug fixes

    A number of minor problems have been fixed.

11 January, 2005

  • Suggest changes

    You can now suggest changes to a person record that you don't have permission to change yourself. See Help: Suggesting changes.
  • Mark as duplicate

    A person record can now be marked as a duplicate of another record. See Help: About duplicates.
  • Entity report

    A detailed report can now be generated for each entity (like the person report).
  • Improved tables

    The tables you see around the IMS, the resource view, search results, selection set, etc. now work more like you're used to in Windows. Columns can be resized, rows can be selected using shift/ctrl, etc. See Help: Highlighting records.
  • Notes search

    Advanced Search can now also search in Notes.
  • Various bug fixes

    A number of minor problems have been fixed (such as problems with editing Role Permissions).
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