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Known bugs in Archie

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Bugs in version 1.10.4 (7 June 2006) of Archie. List last updated: 20 June 2006.

Problem checking out reviews with '/' in title Case 12522

If you use the Check Out (XML format) option or the Download option in Archie for reviews with '/' in the title, the downloaded file is not named correctly.

Check out from RevMan.

Cannot edit all text in fields where content is longer than field Case 638

When the text in a field is longer than the length of the field's box, it can be difficult to scroll to the beginning or end.

Use Ctrl+A to select whole text. Press Home or End to move to start or end.

Unable to cancel check-out Case 390

Technically not a bug: When selecting Check Out in the right-click menu and subsequently selecting Cancel in the File Download dialog box, the document is checked out anyway. This is because the File Download dialog is purely about what to do with the file on the user's PC, and no information can be fed back to Archie.

Super Users can use Undo Check-out.

Result and Selection sets may contain deleted objects Case 195

If a resource is deleted while it is in the selection set of a user, it is not automatically removed from the selection.

Perform search/clear selection set after deleting objects.

Compare shows changes for identical sections Case 474

The Compare function can occasionally show that changes have been made in a text, although there are no visible changes.


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